Commissioning of generator at HPP St. Pantaleon

In November 2020, a contract was signed on the revitalization of the generator at HPP St. Pantaleon for an Austrian customer.

The contracted scope of work included an increase in power from 31.4 MVA to 34 MVA, which included a new stator, a new excitation system supplied by Končar INEM, and inspection and cleaning of existing positions and re-assembly, as well as spare parts and customer staff training.

After the successful commissioning of generator in May and completion of the trial run, the 36-month warranty period began.

Given that we carried out the production of the new stator and other contracted positions, as well as the complete work in the field during strict COVID rules with occasional quarantines and self-isolation, the fact that we completed the contract within the deadline is a real miracle that the customer also acknowledged.

After the successful realization of this contract, we have six more active contracts and several options in the Austrian-German market.