KONČAR’s history begins on 24 January 1921 when the company Elektra was founded, the ownership of which was transferred that very same year to Siemens Group under which name the company remained active until the end of World War II. 

The company performed its business activities under the name Rade Končar from 1946 to 1990, and was transformed into a joint-stock company on 1st January 1991 operating under the name KONČAR – Electrical Industry Inc. ever since.

Development from a service workshop to an electrical industry corporation is marked by the delivery of the first asynchronous motor with round copper wire (1930) and the first, very own synchronous generator (1948), thus irreversibly putting the development wheel in motion.

1948 – First hydro generator produced (HPP Mariborski otok, Slovenia; 24 MVA, 10 kV, 125 rpm)

1957 – 100th hydro generator produced (HPP Gojak, Croatia; 20 MVA, 10,5 kV, 428 rpm)

1962 – The largest hydro generator in the world produced (HPP Zakučac, Croatia, 120 MVA, 16 kV, 300 rpm)

1976 – Contract for delivery of a three-phase turbo generator signed (TPP Gacko, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 353 MVA) – a new stage of development in the turbo-generator field

1985 – 100th hydro generator exported

1998 – KONČAR – Generators and Motors Inc. company founded (by merger of companies KONČAR-Generatori d.o.o. (Končar – Generators) and KONČAR – Srednji električni strojevi d.d. (KONČAR – Medium Electrical Machines)

2003 – First synchronous compact hydro generator produced

2004 – Completed development of the asynchronous squirrel-cage motor for low-floor trams (65 kW, 320 V, 1700-4200 rpm, S1)

2010 – Bulb type generators delivered for HPP Bhavani Kattalai II and III, India; one-piece rotor and stator (4×16,6 MVA, 6,6 kV, 71,4 rpm)

2013 – 100th compact hydro generator delivered

2015 – 1000th shaftless compressor motor delivered

2018 – Stator for 18.5 kV and 45 MVA hydro generator produced

KONČAR – Generators and Motors Inc. production facilities cover 30,000 m2 and are located at the same location as the headquarters of KONČAR – Electrical Industry Inc.

A brand name well-known on all continents has been continuously and persistently built on the foundations of tradition, knowledge and responsibility.

The Company currently achieves a significant part of its sales (70%) by exporting.