The scope of generator revitalization can range from replacing worn parts to replacing the entire generator.

The following parts are most often included in the renovation:

  • replacement of the stator winding and package, and sometimes the stator housing, especially to shorten the duration of installation work in the field due to loss of energy production
  • new pole winding or sometimes new poles
  • replacement and / or reconstruction of certain bearing elements
  • cooling system reconstruction
  • in certain cases shaft replacement
  • replacement of the entire generator, especially in the event of a possible change in speed.

By choosing the optimal design solution, using new higher quality materials and applying modern technological processes, it is possible to increase power by up to 50 percent, efficiency by up to 1 percent and improve other characteristics of the generator. The optimal solution is selected based on a comparison of the cost of revitalization and profit in terms of improved characteristics: increased power, utility, extended service life, expansion of the working area – operating diagram and increasing static and dynamic stability.

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