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Burfell Hydroelectric Power Plant

At the end of August, the company Končar – Generators and Motors Inc. (Končar-GIM) signed a contract with the Icelandic National Power Company for the refurbishment of the Búrfell Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Although an important player on the Nordic market for quite some time, this is the first direct contract in Iceland for Končar-GIM.

The Búrfell Hydroeletric Power Plant is located 125 km southeast of the city of Reykjavik on the Thjórs River. A total of 6 vertical Toshiba generators with 50.6 MVA power each were installed.

Although the generator refurbishment was carried out in 1996, it failed to eliminate the stator winding issues. Therefore, the client opted for a complete replacement of the G4 generator stator.

The scope of works includes the delivery of a new stator and spare parts, transport, assembly supervision and commissioning.

The project is expected to be completed in October of 2022.


Ering-Frauenstein Hydroelectric Power Plant

The project contracted in August of 2020 for the delivery of a new G3 generator for the Austrian National Power Company is currently underway. Končar-GIM is expected to complete the construction of a new stator and a new G3 generator rotor by the end of September and November of 2021 respectively. The disassembly of the existing G3 generator will commence at the end of September of 2021 while the assembly and commissioning are expected to be completed by the end of March of 2022.

Since the client is satisfied with the progress of the G3 project, at the end of August of 2021, they decided to activate an additional option from the existing contract for the delivery of a new G2 generator.

The scope of the additional order includes the delivery of a new G2 generator with spare parts, tools and devices, the disassembly of the existing generator as well as the assembly and commissioning of the new generator.  The power plant is located on the Austrian-German border next to the town of Simbach am Inn.  In the period between 1939 and 1942 three units for the need of the Innwerk AG aluminium factory were installed. The generator has the following technical specification: 33.5 MVA, 10.5 kV, 68.2 rpm, 50 Hz, p.f. 0.9. Although the client is the Austrian National Power Company, this border power plant on the Inn River is officially classified as a project in Germany. The peculiarity of the project is that the full assembly of both the rotor and the stator, due to their size, is to be completed on site. The rotor assembly space is located inside the power plant while the stator assembly space is outside the power plant which is why Končar-GIM had to devise a solution for building a heated and cooled tent in order to maintain a constant temperature due to technical assembly requirements.

HE Burfell

Burfell Hydroelectric Power Plant

HE Ering-Frauenstein

Ering-Frauenstein Hydroelectric Power Plant