GIM signed a contract for delivery of 2 generators for the new Gratkorn hydropower plant in Austria

The construction of a new Gratkorn HPP on the Mura river near Graz in Austria has been planned for several years, but the start of the project has been delayed due to difficulties in obtaining the necessary permits.   In early 2020, a call for tenders was published for electromechanical equipment that could be offered in separate lots. Končar – Generators and Motors Inc. offered two new generators of 7 MVA rated power, 107.14 rpm and 5.3 kV, brushless excitation system (INEM), spare parts, special tools and devices for equipment assembly, commissioning and trial operation, and the contract was signed at the end of May this year. The distinguishing feature of this plant is that there is no overhead crane, so all the equipment will be lowered into the engine room through an opening in the engine room roof using a mobile crane.  Construction work will start in September this year, with the parts for the first generator expected to be taken over in the factory in March 2023, and for the second generator a month later. Works at site for the first generator are expected to be completed in early February 2024, and by the end of February 2024 for the second generator after which commissioning is planned.

With two active bids, Končar – Generators and Motors Inc. currently has 6 active contracts on the German and Austrian markets.