First job for Japan hydropower market in history contracted

KONČAR – Generators and Motors, Inc. (GIM) made a significant step forward in the Asian market in mid-May 2021. After a two-year continuous process of tendering and negotiating, GIM won a contract in Japan for the first time in its history. The scope of delivery of the signed contract includes the design, production and supervision of installation of three generators for two different small hydropower plants. The first phase of the project will be completed after a successful commissioning of a synchronous generator with a rated power of 5.2 MVA (240 rpm) at the Shin Sakagami small hydropower plant, while the second phase of the project will be completed once the 5.2 MVA (240 rpm) rated power synchronous generator and a 0.546 MW (366 rpm) rated power asynchronous generator are commissioned at the Shin Utsubo small hydropower plant.

This contract represents a great success and validation of GIM and clearly shows that even the biggest obstacles can be overcome when the work is done with enthusiasm and a desire for continuous progress. The conceptual design of the two small hydropower plants was contrary to the practice that GIM encounters in other markets. The tender requirements were difficult to implement, somewhat intrusive, and initially there was little hope that the Japanese consultants would be open to technical solutions that are not standard in hydropower plants in Japan. However, after detailed explanations and provision of proofs that GIM’s implemented solutions have been successful and of high quality, the Japanese clients decided to adjust the tender requirements and give European engineering practices a chance, both in terms of generator design and the overall project.

This contract represents a continuation of a successful synergy between GIM and the renowned Austrian turbine producer, and will prove and justify the trust placed by the Japanese consultants over the next three years. After all, this is the first time that Japanese investors have chosen a European generator, which means that GIM is not only representing itself on this market, but is a pioneer in opening the market to other European producers.