Commissioning of generator at Austrian-German hydro power plant

Commissioning of generator G3 (35 MVA, 10,5 kV, 68,2 rpm, 50 Hz) at HPP Ering-Fraunstein was successfully completed in early May 2022. HPP Ering-Fraunstein is located on the river Inn on the German-Austrian border. Although buyer is an Austrian power company, the project at this border power plant is officially in Germany.

Delivery of a new stator, rotor, and other auxiliary generator systems, as well as disassembly, assembly, and commissioning, were all included in the scope of work.

This project is unique since both rotor and stator were manufactured at site. Rotor star welding, rotor core stacking, and pole assembly activities were done inside the power plant while the stator core stacking and winding insertion had to be done outside the power plant in a specially built tent due to its size.

Currently, parts for the G2 generator are being manufactured at the Končar GIM factory, and site installation will start in July 2022.