Končar GIM successfully secures a new major contract in Sweden

At the end of September of 2021, the company Končar-Generator and Motors Inc. (Končar GIM) successfully concluded yet another major contract in Sweden. Although an important player on the Scandinavian market for quite some time, with Sweden being one of the most significant markets in which Končar-GIM operates, it is important to point out that this contract was concluded with a rather new client whose portfolio included several important hydroelectric power plants. As an owner or part owner of 21 hydroelectric power plants, they manage a total average production of 1.112 GWh per annum.  The client is a part of a group whose business models mainly focus on sustainable forest management, the production of wood-based construction materials as well as eco-friendly and sustainable cardboard and paper products.

Končar GIM and the afore-mentioned client had already concluded a minor contract some 10 years ago when a compact generator with a capacity of 6.2 MVA (6.6 kV and 333.3 min-1) was successfully designed, manufactured and commissioned at HPP Iggesund. This new contract is much larger in scope and it pertains to the refurbishment of the existing generator produced in 1961 in HPP Junsterforsen located on the Faxälven River in Sweden, almost 800 km north of Stockholm on the border with Norway.  HE Junsterforsen has a 33 MVA (11 kV, 187.5 min-1) single generator which will be refurbished and upgraded so that new power would amount to 40 MVA. The scope of works includes the disassembly of the existing generator, the production of a new stator, rotor, shaft and foundation system, static excitation,  the renewal of girders, bearings and other parts, installation, commissioning, trial operation and the training of personnel of the power plant by the end of 2024.

It is important to point out that the tender procedure lasted almost three years. Končar GIM was not just one of the bidders but also acted as an advisor to the prospective buyer on issues pertaining to the feasibility of certain technical proposals. At the same time, the company aimed to direct the buyer’s focus on cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Končar GIM continuously proposed a framework to what extent and at what dynamics this project should be implemented in order for the investment to be the most efficient and sustainable choice in the long run. The tender procedure for this project speaks volumes about the reputation Končar GIM has on the Swedish market and serves as an example of how to establish yourself as a reputable producer of quality and reliable generators.