Rehabilitation of HPP Saint Tulle II in French

At the end June 2021, Končar GIM and French engineering firm won a contract for rehabilitation of HPP Saint Tulle II (G5). The power plant consists of 5 groups of a total power of 97 MW (4 x 10.5 MW, 1 x 55 MW) owned by the French’s power utility has been designated as the leader of the consortium.

The scope of work has been divided within the consortium in a way that GIM delivers new stator winding, air deflectors and housing while French engineering firm scope of delivery includes design, delivery of a new generator cooling system, works on site (disassembly, assembly, testing and commissioning). Deliveries of new parts from GIM are planned for mid-2022. Commissioning of the group is planned for September 2023.

This consortium of French engineering firm and Končar GIM are as a consortium currently in the final phase of rehabilitation of HPP Mareges G4 for the French customer. Several contracts have been successfully executed in France and Mozambique before.